Male Breast Reduction

What is Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)?

Gynecomastia or commonly referred to as man boobs is a condition in which males develop excess breast tissue and/or fat on their chest. The development of breast tissue can be caused by a hormone imbalance or as a result of dramatic weight loss. Although it’s not a health concern, Gynecomastia can be very distressing, causing men of all ages and fitness levels to have low self-esteem.

How is it performed?

Male breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat and breast tissue by making a small incision around the nipple. Patients who only have fatty tissue without excess skin can be treated with Liposuction alone to smooth the chest area. If there is excess skin, however, this will be removed by your surgeon for a more masculine look.

All Inclusive Package Starting from £3200

Price includes surgery, medication, compression garment, 1 night hospital stay, 4 nights hotel stay, transfers and an English speaking host.

  • Itinerary
  • Day 1

    On the morning of your procedure, you will be picked up by your patient coordinator and transferred to the hospital where you will have a consultation your surgeon. Afterwards, you will have medical tests to check your suitability for surgery and once confirmed the procedure will last around 1-2 hours. You will spend the night at the hospital following your surgery.

  • Day 2

    You will be discharged from the hospital in the morning following a check-up by your surgeon. You will be transferred to your hotel where you will continue to rest.

  • Days 3 & 4

    You are advised to continue resting, but once you start feeling better you can go out to explore the city on day 4.

  • Day 5

    On your last day, you will have a final check-up by your surgeon and you will be ready to go home after receiving instructions on postoperative care. Stitches do not need to be removed as they will dissolve by themselves.

Procedure Time

Male Breast Reduction surgery lasts around 1-2 hours.


Male Breast Reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.


You can return to your daily activities in just 7 days. You will be required to wear a compression garment for at least 6 weeks after surgery.

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